KBBPPS & Open-Bio

Research on Standardization, Labelling and Procurement for Bio-based Products

Advisory Workshop - 7 April 2014, Cologne

The workshop presentations are now available under this link.


What are the projects about?

KBBPPS and Open-Bio are both FP7 projects whose research revolves all around standardization of bio-based products.

KBBPPS started in 2012 and covers research on bio-based carbon content determination, biomass content methods not solely dependent on 14C-analysis as well as biodegradability and eco-toxicity test schemes. Also identification and resolution of functionality related bottlenecks for bio-based products are part of the research focus.

The goal in the end is developing, harmonising and validating test methodologies for a wide variety of bio-based products so that the results can be directly implemented into truly horizontal European standards.

Open-Bio started at the end of 2013 as a broader follow-up programme not only covering pre-standardization work. It comprises of a broader consortium consisting of the KBBPPS group and a number of new partners, bringing in expanded expertise. Open-Bio builds on the results of KBBPPS, refining them and developing further knowledge on implementation of the standardization result in relation to market development.

Open-Bio investigates how markets can be opened for bio-based products through standardization, labelling and procurement. Therefore, one focus is on the sustainability of the bio-based resources and potential testing methods for this criterion. The end-of-life research will be expanded to different biodegradation scenarios, composting and recyclability. Functionality testing will focus on the gaps identified by KBBPPS and on the special properties of bio-based products.

A new aspect is communication: Open-Bio will also investigate the needs and demands of consumer groups and develop a system that can provide the relevant information about bio-based products to make buying decisions easier for businesses, public procurement and private customers. Part of the project is also to conceptualize an Ecolabel that can be applied to bio-based products to strengthen consumer confidence and boost market demand.

What is the workshop about?

This workshop will present halfway results of the one and the planning of the other project. It is intended for stakeholders from industry, policy, standardization organisations, consumer representation or other interested parties. You will hear about the intermediate research results and give ideas on next steps. Open-Bio research plans will be presented and put up for discussion. We are looking for input with a view on usability of the results, inclusion of controversial issues or prioritization. Since international outreach is a central point of these projects, we are looking forward to welcoming participants from many different countries!

Don't miss this opportunity to receive first-hand information on the recent standardization research in the EU and include your views and your expertise!

Workshop participants will also receive a 10% discount on their participation to the "7th International Conference on Bio-based Materials", taking place in the days directly after the workshop at the same venue! Click here for more information!

For more information on the projects, please visit: www.kbbpps.eu or www.open-bio.eu