Cannabidiol (CBD) – potential billion dollar market, but still barriers in the legal framework


Be up to date – don’t miss your investment opportunity, but also be aware of the barriers


nova Session “CBD (cannabidiol) as a food additive, body care and pharmaceutical – effects, production, authorisation and legislation”

17 September 2019, 10:00-16:30 h
Wöllhaf Conference Center
Terminal 1, Airport Cologne/Bonn, Germany
CBD is becoming a new billion-dollar market worldwide. In the nova session you will learn everything about CBD: how it has a pharmacological effect, how it is produced, what applications it has and, above all, what the legal regulations look like in which countries. While new markets are already emerging in North America and Israel, Europe is still struggling to regulate CBD so that safe and legal products find their customers.
Leading experts from Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Brussels, all members of the European Industrial Hemp Association, will bring you up to date and discuss with you extensively. Join in, learn, discuss and share.
Michael Carus, nova-Institut (DE)
  • Introduction and moderation
  • Latest scientific findings
  • CBD in medical applications
Daniel Kruse, Managing Director of HempConsult and EIHA board member (DE)
  • EIHA consortium for Novel Food application 
  • Concept & background  
  • Timeline & costs
Joscha Krauss, MH MedicalHemp (DE)
  • Hemp varieties
  • Cultivation, harvesting and drying
  • Extraction of CBD
  • Applications in cosmetics and food supplements
Lorenza Romanese, Managing Director of EIHA (IT/BE)
  • Hemp Extracts are not Novel
  • Sharing all EIHA evidences on Hemp Extracts
  • EIHA position and actions
Catherine Wilson, CannaWellness and EIHA board member (UK)
  • History of Novel Food catalogue, changes in classification of Cannabis Sativa / CBD over the years and current status
  • EU labelling requirements & health claims regulations
Participants are welcome to submit their specific topics of interest beforehand or put them up for discussion at the session.